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Blackboard Starter Overview In this course, you will be using the Blackboard platform. This assignment is a basic introduction to this application. It will let you demonstrate that you are able to access this information tool and conduct an initial navigation - as the semester progresses you will use more resources. In addition, you will use screen capture options for this assignment. Throughout the semester many of the assignments will require you to use this computer feature. Instructions 1. Open up a Word document. Save as Blackboard.doc or Blackboard.docx 2. Go to the Blackboard page on ITS http://albany.edu/its or via your MyUAlbany account 3. In Blackboard, select the Syllabus (Under Course Information) 4. Use screen capture to document that you are on this page: a. PC - Use the Print Screen button on your keyboard b. MAC- several options
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Unformatted text preview: b.i. Command+Control+Shift+3: take a screenshot of the entire screen (screens if multiple monitors), and saves it to the clipboard for pasting elsewhere b.ii. Command+Control+Shift+4, then select an area: takes a screenshot of selection and saves it to the clipboard for pasting elsewhere b.iii. Command+Control+Shift+4, then space, then click a window: takes a screenshot of a window and saves it to the clipboard for pasting 5. Paste the screen shot into the Word document. Save. 6. Cut and paste my office hours and office location (map at end) in the Word document. Save. 7. Upload your Blackboard.doc Grading Select Course Information = 1 Point Screen Shot of Syllabus = 2 Points Office hours/Location = 3 Points Save as Blackboard.doc or .docx = 2 Points Upload to Blackboard = 2 Points Total 10 Points Little...
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