71_132 - my books He killed himself He killed him...

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改改改改改改改 一一一一 代代代代代代代代代代代 (改) 改改改改改改改改 代 代代代代代代代代代 代 代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代my books代 (改) 改改改改 代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代 代代He killed himself. 代代代代代代 代代He killed him. 代代代代代代 代代Researchers at the University of Colorado are investigating 代代代代A代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代B代代代 代代a series of indicators that could help 代代代代代代代代代代代代代C代代代代代 代代themselves to predict earthquakes. 代代代代D 代代代D 代代代代代 them代代代代代代代代 themselves,代代代代代代代代代 that(代代代 indicators),代代代代代代代代代代代代代代help 代代代代代代代代代代 researchers,代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代 C 代代代代代代代代代 could 代 can 代代代代代代代代代代代代代 Indicator 代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代 (改) 改改改改改改改改改改改改 代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代 一一 The continental divide refers to an imaginary line in the North American Rockies 代代that divides the waters flowing into the Atlantic Ocean from it flowing into the 代代代代代A代代代B代代代代代代C代代代代代代代代代代D 代代Pacific. 代代代D 代代代代代 those代D 代代代代代代 waters, it 代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代 those代代代 waters 代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代 Water 代代代代代代代代代代waters 代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代 Work 代代代代代代代代代代代work 代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代 代 Many of his works= much of his work, work 代代代代代 一一 In 1920 the presidential candidate Warren Harding coined 代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代代A代代 代代the word“normalcy”to express social and 代代代代代代代代代代代代代B 代代 economic conditions they promised the nation. 17
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代代代C代代代代代代代D 代代代D 代代代代代 he代代代 promised 代代 Warren Harding 代代代代代代代代代代代代代 he 代代代代 一一 Many critics believe that Amy Lwell' s most important 代代代代代代代代A代代代代 代代work is not poetry, but his biography, John 代代代B代代代代代代代代C代代代代代 Keats , published the year of her death.代 代代代代代代D 代代代C 代代代代代 her代his 代代代代代代代代代代代代代代 her 代代代代 her 代代 Amy Lowell. (改) Who 改 which 改改改
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71_132 - my books He killed himself He killed him...

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