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Lecture 10

Lecture 10 - -in the 80s there was conservative...

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Lecture 10 Welfare state - provisions of health, education, social policies, child care - people have turned to gov for these public services - resolution to the crisis of depression - government is much more involved in economic realm - problem of government intervening too much - problems in Greece o democratic problems o people turn to government for too much o government needs to borrow money and has huge debt - what are the main personalities? - How have they shaped the dynamics of the british parliamentary system? - What are the main parties? - diginified part of government refers to the symbols, traditions, ceremonial powers - dignified part is above politics - in the us the president represents both dignified and part of the efficient part
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Unformatted text preview: -in the 80s there was conservative labour-conservatives relive more on market o look down on unions-with tony blair the attachment to left or right is not there o emphasized the inter-class nature of the new labour-is there a place for moderate political parties-how to parties appeal to voters? o Coming up with an ideology o Program of ideas that justify a particular course o Organisations that support parties o Social classes-In a two party system with two parties at the extremes, the parties tend to converge towards the center o In order to gain the support of the moderates while keeping the support at the extremes-Margaret thatcher o Prime minister of Britain o Put down the unions...
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