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Lecture 16

Lecture 16 - o There is considerable economic equality...

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Japan continued (She is some article) - issue of state strength and the public interest - main thesis is that you need to challenge views in order to have a strong state o need opposition - she exams the strong state thesis - many people make sloppy use of term state - the empirical evidence - Japanese politics involves a plurality of citizens - Public officials follow more than lead - If this is the case, if its polycentric, if public officials come together, o How does it actually take place? o How can it exist - There not only collaboration, but bargaining and negotiation - A lot of networking - There is reciprocity - Multiplicity of associations o In particular industrial sectors - National is not so much a provider but an enforcer of cooperative pacts o Provides a context in which different agencies of government, different bureaucratic interests can operate - She argues that you need to have a strong state so that things can operate well - Her main thesis consists of two parts
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Unformatted text preview: o There is considerable economic equality without political leadership Economic equality is a bi product of other activity o The post war period (liberal democratic party) was not a very liberal party It was equalitarian in economic distribution-She reaches these conclusions by examining the distribution patterns in Japan-Social economic changes, demographic changes-Economic factors-Political factors-There are forms of equality that do not come from direct governmental policies-Strategies of policing o Based on a unique system of fixed police posts, particularly in the city areas o The physical appearance o 7000 coban in japan-Japanese neighborhoods are mazes of streets and numbers o You need to know your neighbourhood For coban officer takes at least 2 years to get to know neighbourhood-Corruption-Different conception of public goods in Japan-...
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