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RELS 307 Mid-term Review Sheet 1. Describe religious life in India before the Buddha. Include an account of pre-Vedic period, Brahmanism (along with conceptions of karma and reincarnation), and the samana movements (e.g., Jainism). [1] 2. Detail Gautama’s quest for enlightenment. What were his “visions”? With whom did he study? Who is Mara and how did he tempt the Buddha? [2] 3. What is “dhyana” or “jhana”? Describe the stages of dhyana that the Buddha experienced? [2] 4. What is the “turning of the Dhamma Wheel”? What does Tathagata mean? Who heard the Buddha’s first sermon? [3] 5. Give an account of the Buddha’s legendary charisma and powers. Describe how the Buddha saw his role and describe the nature and style of his teaching. [3] 6. Detail the Buddha’s account of karma and rebirth. How is it like and different from previous accounts? What is the Buddha’s basis for believing in this doctrine? What does he suggest for others? [4] 7. What are the Four Noble Truths? [3]
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