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Lecture 23 - -first tendency of social scientists is to...

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India continued 3. Independence - political factors that worked in its favour - personality factors: o Jawaharlal Nehru 4. A Nehru Dynasty? - Indira Gandhi - Emergency rule ( blaaah blaaah blaaaaaah) 5. Coalition governments - BJP o Came to power in 1998 o Remained in power until 2004 - Sectarian violence o Babri Mosque at Ayodhya o Gujarat violence in 2002 - Election o f2004: the INC regained power - Why Sonia Gandhi declined to be Prime Minister and allowed Manmohan Singh, the first Sikh to become PM What kind of regime does India actually have? Why has It fared better then Pakistan?
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Unformatted text preview: -first tendency of social scientists is to look at th ekind of political institutions-institutional factos o 1. the constitution o 2. the branches of government the president Prime Minister and Cabinet o Legislature Lower House (Lok Sabha) House of States (Lok Rajya) o Judicial System o Electoral System 545 single member districts (Question: has it favoured large nationally-based parties as in Britian?) o Federal republic and Local Government 28 states and 7 territories...
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