Poli 211 Review no 2. Summing up where we are now.

Poli 211 Review no 2. Summing up where we are now. - Poli...

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Poli 211 Notes no. 2 Summing up:Where we are now. I spent about the first two weeks of the term introducing concepts and ways of thinking about the study of politics cross-nationally and across time. My aim was to build a community of understanding about the study of comparative politics itself. The professional language and interests have changed. If I had been teaching this course, say, four centuries ago at the famous University of Salamanca in Spain I would probably have spent considerable time on the importance of the doctrine of divine rights of kings. Still, the language of politics we use in Canada, the USA and other countries today draws heavily on basic concepts of self-government vs. predatory rule that emerged in the course of human development in the Mediterranean world. I am not suggesting that my way is the only way to study politics, far from it. But I am suggesting that what I teach is important in the practice of our profession throughout the world. I offer the understanding and experience that I have gained over the course of several decades of study, research and teaching to meet your desire to learn. A desire to learn is the first step to academic success. I have introduced (1) what are the principal “hard-core concepts” or basic ingredients in order to suggest several things: (2) how individuals and groups of people across time and space may organize themselves in different collectivities (3)
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Poli 211 Review no 2. Summing up where we are now. - Poli...

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