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Lecture 1 - Poli 221 raging liberal - - - - - - Democratic...

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Poli 221 – raging liberal - Democratic deficit - “the most embarrassing system for true democrats in the developed world?” - voting percent is an indication of dissatisfaction of the voting process o decline of ppl voting o reflected in the young o some ppl feel that voting Is not worth while - as individuals, votes are insignificant, as groups, very - symbolic value of voting, ppl who don’t have the opportunity value it more - majority governments with less than 50% - because of party discipline, members of parliament don’t represent us, they represent their party to us - incredible power of prime minister o in majority governments - don’t need an election to change parliament o coalitions etc. - governor general has the power to say no - some say that because of the charter of rights and freedoms the country is run by judges o judges have much more power and the judicial process is used as an arena to make legislative decisions - power is too concentrated in this country o not enough checks and balances
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Lecture 1 - Poli 221 raging liberal - - - - - - Democratic...

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