Lecture 2

Lecture 2 - Basic elements-entrenched constitutional law o...

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Lecture 2 - constitution is supposed to be the master institution o fundamental power o setting boundaries and rules for the structure of power o set relationship between the ppl and the government o set rules for branches of government, ex courts 1. between the governors and the governed 2. between the branches of government 3. between the federal and provincial?? - what are the purposes of our political community - some say that our constitution doesn’t say anything about our purposes o other say its implicit
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Unformatted text preview: Basic elements-entrenched constitutional law o hardest part of the constitution to change o orginal british north America act was not entrenched was just an act of british parliament-non-entrenched constitutional law o some provisions require unanimity, 10 provinces and % of federal gov o others are not entrenched, and can be changed by the house of commons and the senate o ex. Supreme court act o ex. Fixed election act...
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