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October 7, 2011 Microbial Eukaryotes 1. were once called protists (used to have their own kingdom) 2. rising atmospheric CO2 levels are leading to climate change a) attention keeps getting turned to the oceans (take up 72% of earth's surface area) majority is deep open ocean Cyanobacteria do about 50% of the photosynthesis on the planet takes CO2 from the air, makes the shells of Grazing plankton, CaCO3 falls to the bottom of the ocean when the organism plants in the ocean lack iron because it sinks to the bottom theory: with a small amount of iron powder, one could fertilize the ocean 3. ocean acidification a) has changed the pH units by 0.1 = 30% more hydrogen ions
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Unformatted text preview: 4. the origin of the eukaryotes is unknown a) the first multicellular organism only originated 1 billion years ago! b) Chemical evidence for when eukaryotes appeared c) took about a billion years for the oxygen to build up in the atmosphere after oxidizing and forming rust d) oxygen catastrophe all the organisms were anaerobically adapted, and they weren't able to survive in the oxygenated atmosphere e) quite possibly the worst mass extinction in the earth's history! f) Some species evolved to use that oxygen, and released more energy form sugar molecules producing like 34 atp vs. 2 with anaerobic respiration...
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