112 - November 2 2011 1 which of the following is not a...

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November 2, 2011 1. which of the following is not a general characteristic of the Phylum Arthropoda? a) Metameric body divided into tagmata b) complete digestive system consisting of a mouth, crop, stomach, intestine and rectum c) coelomate, most of the body cavity is a hemocoel d) respiration via body surface, gills, trachae, and book lungs e) nitrogenous wastes absorbed by hepatic tubules → melpighian 2. which of the following statements is specific to the crustacean exoskeleton (ie. Sets them apart from other arthropod groups)? a) Secreted by the underlying epidermis b) more CaCO3 increases protection and decreases flexibility c) impermeable to water d) provides attachment points for internal muscles e) is replaced through the process of ecdysis Echinoderms 1. eumetazoa: tissue level of organization (true tissues) 2. bilateria: bilaterally symmetrical animals 3. deuterostomia: anus from blastopore, and mouth forms second 4. general characteristics: a) adult radial, pentamerous symmetry b) endoskeleton of dermal calcareous ossicles c) water vascular system and locomotion by tube feet d) hemal system (function uncertain) e) respiration by dermal branchia f) no brain or head, few specialized sensory organs 5. water vascular system (system of canals and specialized tube feet) a) powered by hydrauic pressure generated by muscle contraction b) opens outside via madreporite, leads into a stone canal
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112 - November 2 2011 1 which of the following is not a...

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