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September 26, 2011 Origin of Life Darwin believed in a common ancestor for all life o A way outside of it Restrict ourselves to tree with organisms Life may have started many times, only to be wiped out via asteroids Some organisms that evolved long ago, developed a stickiness started sticking together and forming clumps o Stromatolites—huge clumps of non-rock material developed by many microbes sticking together Today they only exist in areas where there are no grazers Early earth was very reduced, and the only oxygen was locked up in water molecules Although the UV waves were high, the sun was younger long ago, and emitting less energy o More of the UV waves were reaching the earth because there was not
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Unformatted text preview: atmosphere at the time • Oparin—believed organic materials might arise spontaneously with energy o Thought the atmosphere was similar to Jupiter • Miller’s experiment simulated conditions of early earth to test Oparin’s hypothesis o Within one day, the experiment showed strong evidence of organic compounds o Produced numerous and all naturally occurring amino acids in very large volume o Nowadays, this sort of occurrence doesn’t happen as often because most atmospheres aren’t strongly reducing anymore • Physical structure of hydrothermal vents is actually from chemical reactions forming sort of crystal lattices...
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