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eemb 3 3 - o Cladistics • Eukaryotes that weren’t...

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Microbial Diversity Prior to Linnaeus was no standard method for naming organisms o Started using Latin o Linnaeus shortened the names down to two names binomial nomenclature (Genus) (Specific name) o Linnaeus Systemma Naturae Taxonomy was done based on morphology Linnaeus believed there were two Kingdoms o Plantae (fungi and bacteria included) o Animalia Darwin shook up taxonomy in a big way o Phylogenetic tree to relate all organisms o Said very little about how all the organisms were related Hackel Pedigree of Man Know the following terms o Taxonomy o Classification o Phylogeny o Systematics
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Unformatted text preview: o Cladistics • Eukaryotes that weren’t plants, animals, and fungi protists • Woese compares genetics of rRNA across species o Proposed domains with kingdom • Pace developed a tool to allow him to pull copies of the 16s rRNA gene o DNA probe o Separated organisms o Single sample from hot spring in Yellowstone • The great plate count anomaly o Samples were difficult to grow in culture media • 2000 different 16s genes in two-people-sample • Increased species diversity of intestinal flora, decreased problematic species developing...
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eemb 3 3 - o Cladistics • Eukaryotes that weren’t...

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