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1. bacteria have flagella to help them move about a) some tumble, some swim in a straighter line b) it is no more likely to move in the right direction, but responds to concentrations of chemicals from a source c) we don't know: how this simple cell without a Nervous System managed to integrate multiple sources of input looking at pH levels, food source sensitivity 2. diversity prokaryotes is multitudes more complex and diverse than the eukaryotes 3. Metabolism a) every single bird and every animal is doing exactly the same thing in terms of digestive all get food from organic molecules being constructed by other animals b) nutritional modes can be classified by the carbon source CO2 as C-source (autotroph) Organic Compounds (Heterotroph) Light: Photo- Prokaryotes Prokaryotes Chemical: Chemo- Prokaryotes Prokaryotes c) Blue-green algae → forms chains, photoautotroph, produces oxygen d) Photoheterotroph → Chloroflexus, Heliobacter
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Unformatted text preview: e) Sulfur Oxidizers can be found in hydrothermal vents tube worms contain many many prokaryotes that carry out their digestive processes for them f) methanogens produce methane as a metabolic product all are archaean the produce methane from the H2 and CO2 released by other anaerobic gut bacteria 90% of our methane is consumed by methanotrophs 4. there are at least 6 groups of bacteria a) Spirochetes have a long, slender, coiled shape all are chemoheterotrophs Borrelia Burgdorferei been in the headlines more than any disease leads to lime disease because of the places it gets to in your body flagellae are inside the membrane b) Chlamydias all are intracellular parasites have evolved to become very very small these little guys can also hitch a ride on a sperm cell...
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