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EEMB 3 Note 1 - 02:35 • • Introduction Announcements...

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Unformatted text preview: 02:35 • • Introduction Announcements • • • Look on gauchospace for lectures and resources Syllabus on gauchospace Anthonie Van Leeuwenhoek invented great microscopes • First to observe human sperm and bacteria o Bacteria from scrapings on his teeth • Louis Pasteurgerm theory • Robert Kock Koch’s postulates • Associate • Isolate • Inoculate • Reisolate • Very few microbes are actually pathogens • Microbes can exist independently of other cells • Microscopic ≠ microbe • Single cell some form clusters and colonies • Of the entire tree of life, plants and animals are the only non-microbes • Microbes aren’t necessarily the most primitive organisms ...
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