Film Notes - Animation (cont from Sound) One area of film...

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Animation (cont from Sound) One area of film productions that embraced sound w/o the drawbacks of sound equipment was animation o Didn’t have to worry about location of mic and add’l unwanted sounds o Didn’t need to be filmed Animated films could still be as expressive as the silent cinema, yet w/ sound as richly textured as any film of its time o Owed more to radio and not as much featured films The most influential and successful animator of early sound era was Walt Disney, whose Steamboat Willie (1928) was not only the 1 st mickey mouse film, but also the 1 st sound cartoon One of disney’s greatest admirers was Sergei Eisenstein , who thought that Disney HOLLYWOOD IN THE GREAT DEPRESSION Oct 29, 1929 – day of stock market crash , aka Black Friday o America ( and the rest of the world thereafter) plunged into an economic depression that impacted every aspect of American life for over a decade Yet Americans went to the movies more often in the 1930s than another other period in our history – including today o b/c it was cheap entertainment, social event, air-conditioned o movie theatres always found ways to draw in audience o dish night – you came, bought ticket, and got a plate (dish) to eat on at home (solved one of many hardships at the time) to keep up with the high demand of the 1930s audiences - & keep production costs low – Hollywood became streamlined (efficient, creating films as cheap & quick as possible) like never before or since… o resulted in, Hollywood became more of an industrialized structure. …molding itself into what later be known as the “studio era” The “Studio Era” Hollywood averaged around 500 feature films per year in the 1930s, compared to only 100-150 on average today o Basically completing 2 films every week, quick and efficient To accomplish this, each studio had a multitude of specialized departments, each catering
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Film Notes - Animation (cont from Sound) One area of film...

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