Film___111011 - JAPANESE CINEMA OF THE 1940S AND 50S...

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JAPANESE CINEMA OF THE 1940S AND 50S although motion pictures quickly became popular after Edison's Kinetoscope was introduced to Japan in 1896, the aesthetics of Japanese cinema evolved slowly. -but cinema developed quickly -dw griffith didn't place a big influence on japanese cinema this was in part due to Japan's reliance on oler, traditional forms of (i) Kabuki theater, in particular the use (i)benshi and female impersonators -female roles played by men in kabuki theater b/c cinema can provide close-ups for emotional engagement w/ audience & actors -closeups didn't work well with japanese cinema b/c shows guy -cinema wasn't based on realism, more a broad viewpoint -benshi (an actor that stands on side of stage that provides narratives & dialogues for characters) explains things (such as if camera zooms in and out and benshi explains why they did that) (if something that didn't make sense in cinema, it didnt matter b/c benshi explained it) this meant, however, that the Japanese cinema (like many Eastern national cinemas) developed its own aesthetics, themes & genres independent of the west -difficult cinema to approach from western perspectives SOUND IN JAPAN the introduction of sound did not hinder the aesthethics of japanese cinema as it had in the west the process was slow, however, and silent films were common until the late 30s
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Film___111011 - JAPANESE CINEMA OF THE 1940S AND 50S...

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