Film___111711 - THE FRENCH NEW WAVE After WWII the French...

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THE FRENCH NEW WAVE After WWII, the French Cinema quickly returned to its studio roots. French films of the era followed a literary tradition: well crafted, tasteful and refined. During the 1950s, a new generation of young film lovers (known as cinéastes )>> someone who LOVES the cinema were becoming increasingly knowledgeable about film history. -films showed up for short period of times, if you missed it, it’s gone. If you want to see it, you have to rely on someone with this film or if studios would replay it. …but they lacked the experience necessary to break into the established film industry -they (cinéastes) love these films & want to live around film world but have no experience into making it themselves -the French film industry was already very established & it was hard to break into that unless you were well-trained. Cahiers du cinéma B/c they lacked the funds to make their own films, many of these cineastes chose another path: they became critics. o Films lovers who developed critical eye for the cinema The critical journal Cahi é rs du cin é ma (The Cinema Papers) was formed in the mid- 1950s by film theorist André Bazin and several of his fellow critics o When him and his friends had conversations and wrote down critics for films, he had the idea to publish these critics into a journal to share with public Bazin and the Cahiérs group greatly disliked their contemporary French filmmakers
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Film___111711 - THE FRENCH NEW WAVE After WWII the French...

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