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Review for Final

Review for Final - Review for Final Consult relevant...

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Review for Final: Consult relevant readings and class-notes to answer the follow questions 1. What does Mahayana mean? What are the three main features of the Mahayana? How did the movement grow? Explain the development of the new Sutras. How they differ from the Suttas of the Pali Canon? Why weren’t they accepted by traditionalist? How did the Mahayana advocates defend them? What was the alleged source? Why did the Mahayana regard them as a second turning of the Dharma wheel? [11] 2. What was the original name of the Mahayana? Distinguish the Bodhisattva path from that of the Araht and the Solitary Buddha. What are the levels of teaching involved in the Skilful means mentioned in the Lotus Sutra? What are the primary emphases of the Mahayana movement? [11] 3. What is the Madhyamaka school? Who founded it and what do they teach? What scripture serves as a basis for this school’s teaching? What is sunyata? What is meant by the claim that all dharmas are empty? What is the Madhyamaka attitude toward the Conditioned Arising? Language?
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