Business Plan - The name of my company is Humni and the...

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The name of my company is Humni and the types of products will the company will produce is software for hardware companies. Our software is to help hardware companies to better in configuration of their hardware into a functioning product because without software and hardware is useless. This company is a proprietorship and will operate as one. There are many foundations that companies are run but I have decided to work as a sole proprietorship. Those grounds are that Humni will work as a configuration of sovereignty and this will able to me to perform the company’s reflection and character of my personality or an extension of myself. The last thing I want my company is to operate as an evil empire and have repute of killing smaller companies that get in my way, which in the end have a negative impact in business with customers and suppliers. The advantages of a sole proprietorship are first being able to have complete control over money, decisions and advisement. There are also no corporate taxes that I will have to pay. As there are advantages there are also disadvantages too. Disadvantages could be coming up the funds by me to start a company. Another disadvantage is the boundless responsibility for company’s debts and as business happens to be more lucrative, the risks associated are inclined to develop. Business dealings or book keeping are mostly done in the bookkeeping department and is
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Business Plan - The name of my company is Humni and the...

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