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Checkpoint week 1 American Civic Values POS125/ Jodi Hammond September 20, 2011 What about today's society reinforces American civic values? What about today's society undermines American civic values? How do civic values help make America's political and civil culture better? Are there penalties for failing to adhere to civic values? Can you give an example? It seems that America has become sort of a haven for special interest groups. If these groups do not care for certain things that are said or done then they try very hard to turn what was said or done around in order to be used against a person or society. When this is done it creates a horrible political correctness. In today’s society it is no longer looked at from a country or people as a whole. It is now looked at as individual groups, and being at the top of these groups is race and religion. There are far too many double standards that have been laid down for each of these groups. Since this has taken place the American Civic values have fallen because of these special interest groups
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Checkpoint+American+Civic+Values - Checkpoint week 1...

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