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Week 3 Checkpoint Equality in America POS 110/ Jodi Hammond October 4, 2011 The Constitution that America has today discusses how equality is with equal protection for all people such as the 14 th Amendment states .If a person was to look at the history of America; it shows a belief in equal rights leads to the belief of equality in opportunity as well. The Civil Right Act that took place in 1964 is a prime example, this act pushed for the equal right to vote for all people and an equal right to use schools and other public buildings. Before this act was put in place there was severe separation between the blacks and whites for certain services and public buildings. The goal of the civil rights act was to ensure that all people are granted equal access to all public services. However the American society does not focus on equal rights or rewards. In today’s society it is still the African American students who are over represented in some of the worst public schools and they are underrepresented in some of the best public schools in America. Even
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