Checkpoint+week+1 - there are always good and bad in...

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Running head: CHECKPOINT WEEK 1 1 Checkpoint week 1 POS110 September 20, 2011 Jodi Hammond
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CHECKPOINT WEEK 1 2 Checkpoint week 1 If a person defines democracy it is a government by the people. What this means is that the people will be able to have a say on topics that will affect them directly or indirectly on their lives. What democracy means to me is a guarantee for conflict since it is based on the power of the voters. What this also means is that the country needs to complete several things in order to receive this label of democracy. These ideas need to be written down in the constitution as well for it to continue running daily in the lives of the politicians and also others who are in authority. There are people out there who criticize this style of government, but as with anything
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Unformatted text preview: there are always good and bad in everything it is just a manner of how a person views the subject. There are a few people who look at this style of government as being a type of tyranny for the majority of the people, because these people look at others as being undereducated about making certain types of decisions. Those people who citizen the government say that this causes political instability, and this is because the government has frequent elections which causes a lot of changes and then these changes affect policies in democratic countries all over the world not just here in the United States....
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Checkpoint+week+1 - there are always good and bad in...

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