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Running head: CIVIL LIBERTIESN AND CIVIL RIGHTS 1 Civil Liberties and Civil Rights POS110 October 7, 2011 Jodi Hammond
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CIVIL LIBERTIESN AND CIVIL RIGHTS 2 Civil Liberties and Civil Rights Civil Liberties: The right to Privacy Sub Category: Controversy over Abortion This paper will take a look at civil liberties with a focus on rights associated with abortion and the concerns this subject provokes. Several of the American civil liberties and American civil rights are put on the line today. There is great concern and special interest when it comes to abortion rights. This particular subject has been subjected to great debate nationwide because if its complex issues for certain reasons. The subject of abortion has many supporters and non-supporters and both sides have very strong beliefs about this particular issue. In my view on this particular subject, this is something that do not support for it does go against my beliefs and religion. Many other people think differently than I do, and they have that right to think that way. There are many civil right issues, however abortion seems to be the one that strikes up deep ethical concerns and beliefs of what may be right or wrong. There are many people out in the public that turn to abortion to for protection on their civil rights, or may be desperate , and even the need to be done because it is medically necessary to save the life of the female carrying the fetus. This assignment will also investigate this issue further as a civil liberty assignment. The article of American Civil Liberties Union also known as the ACLU and the organization of Planned Parenthood had both gone up before the United States Supreme Court because both parties believed this challenged the health of women’s rights. This seemed to be one of the first most recent cases regarding abortion, the courts have heard this controversial issue (ACLU, 2005).There are several issues that the ACLU deals with such as immigrant rights,
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week+3+Civil+Liberties+and - Running head: CIVIL LIBERTIESN...

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