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Week 4 Checkpoint: Voting in America POS110 / Jodi Hammond October 13, 2011 Voting does not matter in American elections. I know that having elections are important and many times I feel that even though I vote, sometimes I feel that my vote really just does not have a real impact on the outcome. I am also sure that with these feelings I am not the only one who feels this way. However it is plain to see that each person’s vote does make a difference. This can be seen for state representation, where every state is credited for the actual number of votes. Electoral votes also make a difference but these are the popular vote counts. There should be laws that discourage fraud in the votes and make it impossible to commit.
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Unformatted text preview: Our votes do count and it is up to the local and regional office to ensure that these votes are fairly counted and no fraud has taken place. I am not sure how the voting process happens 100% of the time but I do feel that the public officials that are voted by the people are the ones that should be placed in office and the public officials that just have popular vote should not be the only ones considered. Voting in America is a way for all people of the United States that are legal US citizens should be heard and those votes counted because voting does make a difference in who the American people place in office....
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