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Week 8 Checkpoint Federal Courts POS110/ Jodi Hammond November 9, 2011 Once the defendant is found guilty within the federal courts, he/she may appeal the verdict, the sentence that was passed in the court, or he/she may do both. How to do this is that the first thing is to file a notice of appeal. The appeal is then heard by 3 judges that are on a panel. The defendant then gives a written explanation of the different mistakes that were made within the trial. Then the next step would be that the government (prosecuting attorney) has a chance to also submit a written explanation saying that no mistakes were done and if there are mistakes these are minor and harmless errors that played no part in the outcome of the verdict. Then the court of appeals looks at both explanations to decide on the case in question. On occasion the court of appeals will ask that the defendant and the prosecuting attorney present a verbal argument which each side is given a fifteen minute window to explain. During this time the judges are capable of interrupting to ask
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