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Week3 Checkpoint Bill of Rights POS110/ Jodi Hammond October 3, 2011 The amendment that I think holds most importance to me personally would be the First amendment and the Second amendment of the Constitution. I choose this because this amendment protects me from the government cannot make a law against me from practicing my religion and the government cannot silence me from speaking my mind in a peaceful manner on public property. With the Second amendment this allows me to have a firearm within my household without the government telling me that I cannot have it. This allows me to have protection within my own home legally. The amendment that probably holds less for me personally would be that of Third amendment for this one state’s that not one soldier during peace time be quartered to any house not having consent from the owner, nor at war time. I understand that all of these amendments are there for
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Unformatted text preview: our protection but this particular one I feel it the least that I am concerned with. I say this because I do not for see soldiers breaking into my home to set up base the way it was done during the wars and revolutions in the past. If I were suddenly arrested and tried for a crime the amendment that I think holds me the most protection would be that of the Sixth amendment. This amendment provides me the protection to have a speedy and fair just trial with witnesses that may be against and that are there for me, and to have the right to an attorney even if I am unable to afford one for myself. I also have the right to know what I am being accused of and why I am being believed I am being accused of the crime in question....
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