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Unformatted text preview: Week7 Checkpoint: federal bureaucracy POS110 Jodi Hammond October 31, 2011 What does the term red tape mean, and how does it relate to the federal bureaucracy? To what extent is Congress to blame for bureaucratic red tape? What are some of the benefits of the federal bureaucracy? What are some of the drawbacks to the current bureaucratic system? To answer the question, “what does the term red tape mean?” is that in today’s terms it means that the federal government has to follow certain rules and regulations in order to get something done. Several public and private organizations that provide money in grants are the ones who usually make these rules because they want things to be specific so they know what the money goes towards. If any information that was asked and is not provided then the grant or moneys will not be provided. Another way of looking at the word “red tape” means that a person or persons will have to fill out multiple forms, get approvals from multiple committees. All this uses up time and can prevent things from moving forward on certain from multiple committees....
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