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Week 2 Checkpoint Differences in Socioeconomic Status AED204/ Julie Gruber December 2, 2011 After reading the assignment of the scenario of a Middle school dance on a dress code is something that is almost pretty standard for most formal and semi-formal dances throughout the United States. Most of the public school students live in a relatively close area of the school so students are able to attend the school. Many of the students who attend there come from a wide diversity of cultures and backgrounds which could result in severe misunderstanding and envy. It seems that a wealthy student would always have the best of everything, when that happens the student then could and will usually boast about what they have. This tends s to be a social status. In this scenario however the three factors are income, wealth and power. When it comes to two of the three factors such as income, and wealth, students tend to show the amount of money the family may make by having expensive things than the other children. In this
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