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These companies paid for the ads themselves. Johnson and Johnson have there own marketing advertisement company. There is no slant in the video I reviewed. It is advertisement so there is only one opinion to make the product they are selling, majestic. If there is a second guess then you may not buy the product that they are trying selling. Companies seem to point to the future but it’s not credible. What they are trying to do is get you to buy their product in the future. Like Volkswagen, trying to position that it is very poplar in Europe but the problem with that is I live in American. So I have no ideal that the statement is true or not. Even if it is popular in Europe still doesn’t compel me to buy it. Giuliani Remembers 9/11: The news clip that I saw was a very interesting interview of former mayor Giuliani. I think that the questions that he was giving he was pretty honest. So I didn’t detect any bias from this interview.
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Unformatted text preview: For example when he was asked about how he feel about the attackers. He talks about how he wants justice not revenge. To me it that sounds unbiased to me. Johnson-Johnson ad Claim: The claim is about how Johnson and Johnson is an inventor of new medical technology. The desire of this ad plays to inform people what goes behind the screens of the company. The ad does this by existing desire to bring hope to mankind with their technology. It does try to invoke feeling in this ad by identification some of there products and what cure or effects they accomplished. By means of letting people know that they are manufacturing advancements in the cure such as AIDS. Indeed, I will purchase some items based on the information presented in this ad. There are many products that are in my home now which I been using from a small age and I think I will continue to do so in the future....
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