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Comprehensive Grammar CheckPoint - 10. a There is no need...

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Appendix F Comprehensive Grammar CheckPoint Answer Form Enter the correct answer for each item by typing either a or b in the second column. Provide an explanation for each choice in the Rationale column. The boxes will expand to accommodate your text. Item Correct Answer (a or b) Rationale 1. b It was never told is the nurse was male or female. 2. a Didn’t really need to know that she was a girl. 3. b Don’t really need to know that the person is Muslim. 4. b There is no reason that the reader should know he is Cuban. 5. a It is describing the mother. 6. a It was giving a Describing of a young person. 7. a It was describing what kind of child that needed special accommodations. 8. b You don’t know if you were going to eat fish or not. 9. B The second sentence make the first sentence make sense when place together.
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Unformatted text preview: 10. a There is no need to know why he was broke. 11. a Putting as made the sentence make sense. COM 140 12. b The sentence with a comma. 13. a Believe is spell correctly 14. b Commitment is only have onet. 15. b University should be capitalized because its part of a name. 16. a December should be capitalized its a name of a month. 17. a Need an apostrophe because it is two work it is. 18. a Children needs to apostrophe not childrens. 19. b Our doesnt need apostrophe. 20. a Sentence only need one semicolon. 21. a Dont really need a semicolon. 22. b It is listing the CDs. 23. b Dont really need any comma. 24. b The sentences need a comma. 25. b Dont need a comma and and in a sentience. COM 140 COM 140...
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Comprehensive Grammar CheckPoint - 10. a There is no need...

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