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Elisabeth Orloff Movie Essay Dr. Elizabeth Wheatley 1 December 2011 Peer Reviewers: Jessica N. Olah and Mijoi Mitchell The Machiavellian Town As Winston Churchill once said, “A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” Realism is a dominant school of thinking within the international relations discipline that prioritizes national interest and security over ideology, moral concerns and social reconstructions. With all this in mind, The Movie I chose for the final paper is, The Russians Are Coming The Russians Are Coming which is, comes aground by accident when the Captain and his crew are desperate to see what America looks like. The Captain sends two of his English speaking crewmen to procure a boat with enough power to pull them off the shore. The two English speakers, along with seven other Russian sailors, who do not necessarily blend in with the town and the townspeople are convinced that they are being invaded by the Russians, due to the rumor mill. The specific scene that has shown to be the most interesting and fitting is the scene “We’ve got to get organized” scene where the people in the town are gathering 1Orloff
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what looks to be militia of men and are trying and are hearing rumors that there is a russian attack. The Police Chief Link Mattocksis separating people into groups. Some men are asked to go to Arthurs house to get as many guns as they can. They are doing this in hurried and panicked way. Then the rest of the men head into the bar to get ready to attack the russians. The cop in the scene is stressing in funny way “ We have to get organized we just have to get organized” This scene is one of my favorites and it is quite funny. The type of humor that is presented in this scene is Relief theory, defined as, “ We Laugh to release pent-up nervous energy. Generally linked with psychoanalysis and study of repressed psychic activity”(Lecture on Humor, pg. 2). A good example from the scene is townspeople are paranoid about being attacked by Russians. As they are gathering, The
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ElisabethOrloff-Final Essay- Pos360 - 1Orloff Elisabeth...

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