Eng102f 1204490373 - Eng102f 1204490373 I hereby give...

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Unformatted text preview: Eng102f 1204490373 I hereby give consent for the writing I am herewith submitting to be used for the purposes of research on college student writing and writing instruction. Elisabeth Orloff English 102- Rhetorical Essay Professor Noschka 27 September 2011 The Orthodox Experience Today when teens finish high school and are going to college they enter the state of questioning there beliefs or searching for a faith and community to be part of. They spend time going to different churches. In the Ad titled Russian Orthodoxy it explains how the church can attract and help a college student. Archbishop Averky a orthodox theologian once said, Orthodoxy is not only the sum total of dogmas accepted as true in a purely formal manner. It is not only theory, but practice; it is not only right Faith, but a life which agrees in everything with this Faith. keeping this in mind, The author is trying to attract the youth to its church through the use of the emotional appeal pathos and kairos, and ethos the author is able to attract people into the church. The Author shows pathos. The author uses emotion by providing effective pictures. The author on the left side adds reality of a college life and what can happen after you enter the Orthodox church on the opposite side adds what can be seen as solution to the problem. For example, The photo with a college kid sitting in lonely room what can be assumed he is missing his home and family because he is away at college. In the middle image it says Welcome to church as the lonely boy enters to church. He is being greeted by warmth and unity. Which can be shown in the photo where a family is standing with smile. The warm colors give it the welcoming effect. This instills a emotional effect on the viewers. This can draw attention to new believers who searching for a faith. This also emotionally can give people a sense family and togetherness through the images. Another example is a young couple what looks like college age trying to figure out a future. As they enter the church the church on the right side there is a wedding ceremony going on. The point the ad was trying to make is you can have a orthodox future and you can be married and get guided help by the priest. In whole all these images are trying to appeal emotionally to a college student searching for faith. The ad does a good job of clearly putting the problem and solution. What also can be emotional is the wording on the bottom We Invite you to Come and See. This can inflict a carious feeling to the observer. This can get the attention of the student. This is almost like a invitation feeling when you get invited to a party. This can even make some new college students try out the faith in this confusing time because of how the images seem to find have a solution. Lets face it we are a society that is on the go and we want answer right away. those words on the bottom give this warm invite and almost are asking you to make the decision on your own by just putting some what look to be...
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Eng102f 1204490373 - Eng102f 1204490373 I hereby give...

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