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Orloff1 Elisabeth Orloff English 102- Rhetorical Essay Professor Noschka 20 September 2011 The Original Orthodox Faith Archbishop Averky a orthodox theologian once said, “Orthodoxy is not only the sum total of dogmas accepted as true in a purely formal manner. It is not only theory, but practice; it is not only right Faith, but a life which agrees in everything with this Faith.” Keeping this in mind, the ad that was presented titled “ Russian Orthodoxy” has a way of showing people that the Church, through it’s historical and original traditions, has not changed and it is not going to change. Through the use of logos, pathos, ethos, and Kairos, the author is demonstrating a clear argu- ment and communicating a effective messege. First of all the author is showing logos. The author uses logos to help support the argu- ment. In the small print next to the pictures the author is stating facts and believes that are proven to be original. For example under the picture where it displays the picture of the patriarchs there it is labeled, “ There is a Line of succession from the apostles which is passed down to to the Pat- riarch”. This example logically explains and helps the non orthodox understand how the original-
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Elisabethorloff_p1draft - Orloff1 Elisabeth Orloff English...

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