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1 Veatch Cupcake Evolution Cupcakes: delicate and dainty individual cakes that are a perfect sized, tasty treat. These fancy desserts derive their name from the amounts of ingredients that were added using the com- mon measurement, cups. This may come as a surprise to some, given the common idea of cup- cakes being baked in paper liners. Today, cupcakes are everywhere, whether it is a small cupcake shop or a decal. The advertisement uses visual images, tasteful color choices, and establishes credibility to emotionally draw in buyers and suggest that cupcakes have evolved into a popular culture trend, have managed to maintain a staying power in the culinary world, and provide tasters with feelings of elegance. A picture can be just the right amount of visual stimulus needed to sway a decision. When deciding what you are going to order off a menu at a restaurant, the food that is pictured may be just what you order simply because of the tasteful image. The advertisement for Cake Cups makes use of images of cupcakes in order to draw in buyers. The images in the advertisement are eye catching. The cupcake pictures exemplify the different varieties that Cake Cups has to offer, which provokes interest. The images draw in tasters because of the unique designs of the cup- cakes, which create curiosity as to what other flavors are offered at the bakery. Not many people have seen cupcakes decorated like spaghetti and meatballs. The advertisement creates the thought that these cupcakes are a hit, not only because of their eye candy appearance, but the fla- vors as well that combine to make the cupcake a delicious sensation. The images also provoke a feeling of fun, and enforce that they are not just the traditional cupcake that you can buy from a grocery store bakery with a pretty swirl of frosting on top. Cake Cups makes use of visual im- ages in the advertisement to show buyers that these cupcakes are unique, delicious, and fun.
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