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The rhetorical strategies I chose to use on my advertisement were logos, pathos, and eth - os. When I was thinking of how to make this advertisement I thought to myself what would be the best way to show logic in this poster. That how I decided to put the Kindle in the cloud so that way it would show in a hidden meaning the cloud reader. Also I put some facts about it float - ing around the kindles. These facts gave specifications and got the reader to see some unique fea - ture without having to read a boring specifications list. When looking at the target audience for the Kindle I felt the audience was rather big. Since anyone from a child to an elderly adult could enjoy this product. So I made this poster to go for the elderly. They would seem to enjoy the light colors and the easy to read poster. The ways this poster would be effective would be that the colors would be easy on their eyes and would attract them to what the poster was about. Also being that the elderly are some of the people who read the most books it helped my poster by saying that it has the capability to hold up to 3,500 books in a single light weight device. The ways that the poster would be ineffective would have to be that the picture of the Kindle was a little too small so it might not appeal so much to the elderly who would have a couple issues with the reading from the Kindle. Now the way I used ethos was by using facts that only came from a reliable site. The site
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ericreeder_P1rough_orloff_edit - The rhetorical strategies...

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