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orloff1 Elisabeth Orloff Project # 2: Academic Argument Professor Noschka 26 October 2011 Soldiers Heuristic Journey As Christopher Reeve once said, “ A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.” In every conflict there is a sense of heroism. These past eight years we have been fighting a war against terrorism specifically the War in Iraq. This war has been highly controversial from the start and people have made many movies and books to express there feelings on fighting the War. The movie the Hurt Locker a academy award winning movie of 2010 is Based on the personal wartime experiences of journal- ist Mark Boal , this action thriller presents the conflict in the Middle East from the perspective of those who witnessed the fighting firsthand the soldiers. As an elite Army Explosive Ordnance Disposal team tactfully navigates the streets of present-day Iraq, they face the constant threat of death from incoming bombs and sharp-shooting sniper. The War in Iraq has been the most criti- cized war but the Movie the Hurt Locker gives a heroism approach of the war. Historically this war has only been politically explored and no one ever talked about the soldiers prospective. According to David Denny in the Article, On politics of Enjoyment: A read- ing of the Hurt Locker he writes, “ The film’s conceit is precisely that it is about war and the sol- diers who fight it, regardless of one’s politics, a trope which can only muddle one’s appreciation of the real war itself”(Denny). What the author is trying to say that no matter on our political im- plication of being for or against the war the author is able to show that this movie presents the soldier and his will to fight. What this movie ultimately accomplishes is the soldiers side of the
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elisabethorloff_p2draft - orloff1 Elisabeth Orloff Project...

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