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1.I decided to evaluate David Garrett’s Rock Symphony. It was released July 10, 2010. I chose this text cause I love his music and his violin abilities and plus since i play the violin I am able to evaluate this well. 2. The Genre I am classifying this text as Creating “Rock Symphonies,” with a crossover blend of classical, pop, rock and R&B music featuring a classical violin. Socially this is made to lure the the youngsters into listening to classical music with a twist. This must have popular clas- sical symphonies with famous rock themes. 3.The criteria for my genre is that it must define classical music and must also define rock music. It must also define violin music. These criteria function as a basis for a good argu- ment. It also can be used as something to compare the CD too. 4. My Thesis is “ David Garrets Rock Symphony CD is trying to positivtly introduce classical music to this non classical young society by mixing rock into the famous songs of todays society. 5. This text deserves attention because it is trying to approach a hard task of engaging the
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