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Question #3 Where would you place this in the course? The Men Who Stare at Goats, Should be used in the Constructivism Unit. Spe- cifically When discussing Epistemology which means “ Theory of knowledge; How you know what you know” For example in the film “ Sparking eye technique, which was nothing more than just starring into another individuals eyes but these Judi’s believed it had super normal powers involved within this tactic.” By placing this specific movie in this section makes it easier to understand. Another section this movie can be placed is in the course is when describing Human Nature which means “The nature of particular human beings or groups of people are products of cultural and social circumstances.
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Unformatted text preview: Nothing is predetermined prior to society.” an example that could be placed is "Mother Earth, you are my life support system. As a soldier I will drink your blue water, live inside your red clay and eat your green skin. Help me to balance myself as you hold and bal-ance the Earth, the sea and the space environments. Help me to open my heart know-ing the universe will feed me. I pray my boots will always kiss your face and my foot-steps match your heartbeat. Carry my body through space and time. You are my con-nection to the universe and all that comes after. I am yours and you are mine. I salute you."...
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