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Peer review#1 Mijoi - clude that states and consequently the people who run the states are only acting in their own best interest does not blossom

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Reviewer Worksheet Name of reviewer:Elisabeth Orloff 1. Name of the writer and title of the paper Defensive Realism in Action Mijoi Mitchell 2. Film under review: Dr. Strangelove scene: Cant find a specific Scene 3. Is there a central claim, argument, or thesis? If so, state it succinctly. If not, what comes close; that is, what do you think this paper is about? Dr. StrangeLove and how it compares to Defensive Realism 4. What are the main supporting arguments? Do these hang together (Are they coherent?)? In the movie, and according to the tenants of defensive realism, Russia had already pre- pared a defense plan for America’s defense plan that would increase the security di- lemma. This scene offers an alternative view of international politics in that, while realists con-
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Unformatted text preview: clude that states, and consequently, the people who run the states, are only acting in their own best interest does not blossom in the ways one would expect. Surprisingly, both state actors are able to communicate effectively under the security di-lemma. All these supporting argument are coherent to the thesis. 5. Does the author fulfill the requirements of the assignment? The only thing the author doesn’t fufill is telling the specific scene they are reviewing. 6. What do you suggest as ways to reorganize, textually support, or strengthen this pa-per? Maybe you can use more movie evidence becaue you have a lot of outside sources and lack movie quotes and specific scene evidence....
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