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Hahn 1 Cory Hahn Professor Noschka English 102 22 november 2011 Drama With the Law Nobody ever wants to deal with the law and the legal issues that arise with the law and that is no different in the movie, ‘’The Lincoln Lawyer”. Although if someone is in trouble they hire Mick Haller played by Matthew Maccohnamy to be their lawyer, as he is known to prove the guilty to be innocent. With this in mind the character Mick Haller starts to realize what is good and bad throughout the movie which ultimately changes the way he goes about his work. Based off studying this film it is clear to say that this film falls under the genre of a Drama. It is a Drama because it keeps the viewer interested in what happens next, as well as provides dramatic scenes throughout the movie. The movie, “The Lincoln Lawyer” as well as the main character Mick Haller are a great ex - ample of the Drama genre because it successfully meets the criteria required for this genre in the focus of social, cultural, and aesthetic values. There are hundreds of films out there that fall under the Drama genre and in order for that to happen the films must meet a certain criteria established by an individual. The criteria needed or required for a Drama in this regard will be the basis of whether or not
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coryhahn_p3roughdraft_orloff_edit - Hahn 1 Cory Hahn...

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