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Company Analysis - Company Analysis Barnes & Nobles Inc....

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Company Analysis Barnes & Nobles Inc. and Borders Group Inc. are the two companies that I have been studying this semester. Barnes & Noble, symbol BKS was my primary company while Borders, symbol BGP was its competitor, both trading symbols found in NYSE exchange. Both companies are retailers providing a wide variety of books, CDs, DVDs, periodicals, as well as gifts and stationery. I selected the two companies for their convenience since I avidly go to Borders here in Santa Cruz and used to read in Barnes & Noble back home. Both are great places to find mass amounts of knowledge as well as other tools to help organize and enlighten your mind. Barnes & Noble being my primary choice has roots that can be reached back to 1873. Back then Charles M. Barnes had started a business of books out of his home in Wheaton, Illinois. In 1917 Barnes & Noble was established by his son, William, who ventured to join G. Clifford Noble making the store name. Barnes & Noble store was opened on Fifth Avenue at 18th Street in New York City during the brink of the Great Depression, where it still resides today. By serving excellence to millions of customers this store developed a worldwide
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Company Analysis - Company Analysis Barnes & Nobles Inc....

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