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Peer Review Worksheet Jolah

Peer Review Worksheet Jolah - of this scene is successful...

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Reviewer Worksheet Name of reviewer: Elisabeth Orloff 1. Name of the writer and title of the paper: 2. Film under review: Good Bye Lenin scene: The scene opens with the voiceover in- forming the audience that the protesters are walking to proclaim their right to walk, even if the wall is up. 3. Is there a central claim, argument, or thesis? If so, state it succinctly. If not, what comes close; that is, what do you think this paper is about? The traditional International Relations theory expressed throughout the film is Marxism, which communism falls under as a theory. In this essay, I will explain the humor that can be found in what may be viewed as a serious scene and time period. 4. What are the main supporting arguments? Do these hang together (Are they coherent?)? The humor in this scene can be understood through the relief theory. The humor
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Unformatted text preview: of this scene is successful in explaining the mood of the very historical event. The scene I chose is effective in portraying the meaning and heart behind the protester’s, as well as setting up the film for its story, which is Alex protecting his Mother from finding out that the East Berlin government has failed and was taken over by the Capitalist world. All these main points go with the thesis and they are coherent. 5. Does the author fulfill the requirements of the assignment? Yes she does fulfill the assignment requirements. 6. What do you suggest as ways to reorganize, textually support, or strengthen this pa-per? Great paper, But I think you might want to use some sources from the reading when ex-plaining capitalism and communism. But overall your paper flows well....
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