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Notes 2 - • Traditional gender roles – sexual scripts...

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Notes 2 07/12/2011 Office Romances 3 out of 5 have had romances at work 2 out of 3 of these relationships are kept secret 1/3 of these people are married to others Dating contracts Why have intimate relationships? Humans are social animals. We have to recognize the need for love and intimacy Loneliness: people who have fewer close relationships than they want Emotional loneliness: do not have enough intimate relationships that are characterized by self-disclosure, mutual sharing, love and possibly physical intimacy Social loneliness: lack of social network of friends and acquaintances Barriers in initiation of intimate relationships Fear of rejection Shyness – feel nervous, judged, and have inadequate social responses
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Unformatted text preview: • Traditional gender roles – sexual scripts: how each gender act in a dating, romantic situation • Lack of opportunity/available partners • Traumatic past experiences Finding A Partner How do singles meet? • By chance – at work, running errand, in the park • Singles scene 1. Commercial – matching services, speed-dating services 2. Non-profit groups – church, non-profit volunteering places • Introduction by 3 rd party, friend, sibling, employer. Majority of people meet partners this way. Concept of a ‘soul mate’ • Overly high expectations • Too many choices People are together because of commonalities (similar values and interests)...
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