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Notes 4 - 4 Rare for friendship to return to being just...

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Notes 4 07/14/2011 Lovers From Friends Friends with benefits You get to sleep with a woman/man friend / have some sort of intimate physical relations without any sort of commitment Friend first, lovers second: how does this happen? 1. Always had attraction but were in denial/unavailable 2. Lack sexual chemistry, but getting along so well, then try a relationship Potential problems with friends with benefits: 1. Feelings of attachment /possession about someone you’ve slept with repeatedly. Hard for both people to stay equally neutral; one will want more 2. Lack of definitions and expectations. Are you couples or not? Are you public? Are you exclusive? 3. May cheapen intimate sexual contact
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Rare for friendship to return to being just friends after the romance part is over Platonic = free from physical desire Ex-Sex Why do lost love reunion happen? • Our 1 st love is idealized. Purity of loving someone without having been hurt before • 1 st love sets the foundation for they way we perceive romantic relationships. Future relationships will be compared against 1 st love • ‘Autobiographical memory bump’ = unique clarity of memories formed in teens and early 20s, age at which we form our sense of self • Maturity of ourselves and former partners • Internet access to information about lost lovers...
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  • Interpersonal relationship, Internet access, Lack sexual chemistry, intimate sexual contact, ‘Autobiographical memory bump, denial/unavailable

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