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1 COMP7370 Advanced Computer and Network Security CloudAV: N-Version Antivirus in the Network Cloud (1) Topics: 1. Research Tip: How to choose a research topic? 2. Security of cloud computing Announcement: Homework 1 is due by tonight at 11:55pm. Topic 1: Research Tip: How to choose a research topic Why this tip? o Good example: Dr. Jahanian’s research group at Umich - Fault tolerance, real-time systems, networking (before 2004) -> Security (After 2004) o My research background: - Scheduling (1995-2000) -> I/O-Aware Load Balancing (2001-2004) -> Energy-Efficient Storage Systems (2004-2011) -> Multicore-based Active Storage/Hadoop (2009 - 2015) Why you have to choose a research topic? o Topics assigned by your advisor are very broad o Changes in your research interests - One research topic in your entire CAREER? - Graduate Students vs. Researchers o Changes in application demands - e.g., cluster computing; optical network; security; cloud - you must be innovative (like Apple)
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Unformatted text preview: How to choose? o Interests o Advisor's requirements o Your research background (e.g., security-aware scheduling) o Related work (google scholar, IEEE/ACM DL, top conferences) o Narrow down: e.g., clusters -> cluster storage sys. -> I/O load balancing for cluster storage sys. o Need time: e.g, my dissertation topic (3 months) o 3-minute Exercise: write your interests -> advisor’s topic -> your background -> your research topic Topic 2: Security of cloud computing Motivation o See slide 3 in AreCloudsSecure.ppt o Discussions: What are implications?- Vendors - Customers Cloud Types: (virtulization; outsource) o Internet-based services (e.g., google base, loosely coupled) 2 o Infrastructure as a service (e.g., IMB blue cloud, HP flexible computing) o Platform as a service (configurators/APIs, e.g., google App engine) o Software as a service (e.g., oracle SaaS platform) Next time: Security Management – Customer Responsibilities...
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Lec04b - How to choose o Interests o Advisor's requirements...

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