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Lec06a - Antivirus(AV vulnerabilities o severe...

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COMP7370 Advanced Computer and Network Security CloudAV: N-Version Antivirus in the Network Cloud (3) Topics: 1. Motivations 2. Basic Ideas Topic 1: Motivations (Limitations) Antivirus software o Malicious/unwanted software o $10 billion dollars (2008) o What Antivirus software are you using? o Methods: - Signature based detection - Heuristic-based detection, like malicious activity detection - Rootkit detection Vulnerability Window o threat appears to signature created o create signatures for all new threats <- one antivirus vendor? (Slides 1/2) o Question: How to measure Vulnerability Window? - Malware samples (Nov 11, 06 – 07) o Discussions : - Observations?
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Unformatted text preview: Antivirus (AV) vulnerabilities o severe vulnerabilities in AV o see slide 3 o Question: Observation? o Future research: Why some are more vulnerable than the others? o Question: What is the implication? Topic 2: Basic Ideas From Host-Based to Server-based o How to implement? In-cloud detection o Pros of in-cloud detection ?-No update. -Reduce cost. -Lightweight host N-Version protection o Multiple detection engines o N-version programming o Parallel computing Environment o Networks -Enterprise (good connectivities) 1 2-Government (highly controlled) -Mobile (lightweight) o Problems: -Privacy -Network traffic...
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Lec06a - Antivirus(AV vulnerabilities o severe...

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