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COMP7370 Advanced Computer and Network Security Generalizing Data to Provide Anonymity when Disclosing Information (4) Topics: 1. Time management 2. Domain generalization hierarchy Topic 1: Time management Emails o Google: “How to Read 100 Emails, Fast” o Check email once a day o Group emails o Reply to all the short emails - first with "yes" or "no" as an answer o Write brief emails o Long emails -> tasks -> must be prioritized Review: K-anonymity (1) k-anonymity (2) Minimal Question: (why minimal matters?) Topic 2: Domain generalization hierarchy Why we need a domain generalization hierarchy? We have many generalization solutions, for example:
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Unformatted text preview: 1 Motivations of using domain generalization hierarchy: o Can we represent relations between these generation solutions? o The definition of k-minimal generalization depends on k value. Can we find an approach that is independent of k value? o How can we show generalization strategies or different ways of generalizing a DB? Note: some generalizations are minimal some are not wrt quasi-identifier. Walk through this example: low usability, high privacy high usability, low privacy The number of different possible strategies for a domain hierarchy DT = (D1, , Dn) e.g., DT = (E0, Z0, E1, Z1, . .) 2...
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Lec12a-anonymity4 - 1 Motivations of using domain...

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