Lec15a-Freenet1 - o Anonymity for producers and consumers...

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1 COMP7370 Advanced Computer and Network Security Generalizing Data to Provide Anonymity when Disclosing Information (5) Topics: 1. Introduction 2. Architecture Topic 1: Introduction Why we should read this paper? o Citation rate: 2164 (4/19/2011) o http://freenetproject.org/ o Different flavor compared with the k-anonymity paper o Build a system based a theory Distributed vs. Centralized Storage Systems ( discussion ) o Distributed - Pros: reliability; security; scalability - Cons: o Centralized - Pros: thin client; usability; maintainability; - Cons: o Which is better in terms of privacy protection? o Which is more energy efficient? o Distributed Systems vs. P2P Sys Design goals ( If I ask you to develop a P2P storage system, what will be your design goals? ) o Decentralization of all network functions (for Storage System) o Dynamic storage and routing of information (for Storage System)
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Unformatted text preview: o Anonymity for producers and consumers of information (Privacy) o Deniability for storers of information (Privacy) Topic 2: Architecture Big picture o Cooperative distributed file system o Each node local datastore o Location independence o Lazy replication o Share unused disk space (for users) o Routing (adaptive): Requests -> nodes (local decision about where to send requests next) o Hops-to-live: prevent infinite chains 2 Keys and searching o File IDs: binary file keys o 160-bit SHA-1 o Keyword-signed key (KSK) -Keywords = string -> [generate key pairs] -> public/private key -Public key -> [hash function] -> file key -Private key, file -> [sign the file] (Why? integrity check) -Encryption: file, string -> [encryption] o How to share? Use the string (keywords) o Flat global namespace: problem? Solution? Use personal namespace...
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Lec15a-Freenet1 - o Anonymity for producers and consumers...

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