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Name: _________Arnold Ruzvidzo___ Date submitted: ____________ IS582 Week 3 Out-of-class Assignment For this assignment, please email your response as an attachment by Friday, Nov. 18. 1. Give an example of an entity with subtypes. Hint: use something different than the ones in your text on p.156. I think employee will definitely do for this, based on the example in the text; we will have permanent employee and temporary employee as the subtypes. 2. What’s a recursive relationship? Give an example of a recursive relationship, and make sure to note its cardinality. (You don’t need to make a drawing if you’d prefer to just explain in words.) A recursive relationship occurs when there is a relationship between an entity and itself. For  example, a one-to-many recursive relationship occurs when an employee is the manager of other 
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Unformatted text preview: employees. The employee entity is related to itself, and there is a one-to-many relationship between one employee and many other employees 3. Here’s a little challenge to start working ahead. Use the entity drawing below as the basis for writing a CREATE TABLE statement in SQL. You might want to use pp. 239 – 249 in the text. Note that you only need to create the table and its columns; you don’t need to create any constraints for this assignment. Your answer will be an example of a CREATE TABLE statement. CREATE TABLE Course ( Course_No NUMBER PRIMARY KEY Course_Name VARCHAR NOT NULL Credit Hours CHAR (1) NOT NULL )...
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